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Original Comic Book Creators In Pinon Hills, California!

We write, draw, illustrate, edit and produce original comic books. We have 2 graphic novels "Planet Alien: Welcome to the Universe" and "Planet Alien: Still Not Dead" under our belt that have sold well, so we're expanding into 3 comic books based off of the Planet Alien graphic novels, set for release in 2020. Located in Pinon Hills, we serve the general public as well as comic and graphic novel enthusiasts who trade and buy comics for pleasure. Give us a shout on our contact form below to find out more.

We Create & Publish

We have created and published our own original graphic novel series called "Planet Alien." 3 comic books based off of Planet Alien are currently in development, set for release in 2020. Our work is thought-provoking, ambitious, and elicit that is certain something you simply do not find in a lesser work. Some may say this is vague, but we'd reply that truly top-notch writing can appear in any number of ways – and to limit the scope of our publishing unnecessarily would be a grave misstep.

Why Choose Us?

You can be sure that the quality of our comic works are comparable to no other. Browse through our collection of written works and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of a wonderful story. If you've enjoyed our comic and you want to learn more, We welcome messages, questions and ideas for our next comic. If you still aren't convinced, get in touch.


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